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The Personalized Bracelet with first name or message was and will remain an elegant and trendy accessory! An ideal accessory that will become an essential gift for any occasion:

  • Birth: with the child's first name and date of birth 

  • Marriage: with the names or initials of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding

  • Christmas or Valentine's Day: with a message of love

  • Party, Special event: with a happy and fun message

or simply a bracelet as a gift for no particular reason, but for a particularly loved person with their first name or private message!


The personalized bracelet is an elegant and stylish costume jewelry that will perfectly emphasize your individual look, style, make it brighter and more visible.

The fashion for wearing name bracelets existed decades ago. Today, children, teenagers or adults wear personalized jewelry with great pleasure. Jewelry with a first name will bring a slight charm and a touch of innocence.
These bracelets created and manufactured by Svitlana Mykhed are very harmonious with all clothes: classic and urban. They can be worn with watches or other bracelets - they do not overload the image and do not clutter it with heavy elements.

Fast manufacturing and shipping!

Free gift wrapping!

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