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It's a beautiful day, sunshine, good humor and it makes you want to give a nice little gift to someone you love! Something pretty and important that reminds you around the clock? Why not a personalized bracelet with the first name or the love message? The closest to each person is their first name and initials! We are always pleasantly touched by our name spoken with tenderness and love. Svitlana Mykhed helps you with great pleasure to make a personalized bracelet that you want.

The bracelet is very strong and resistant, does not fear water. You can keep it always (shower, beach, swimming pool ..).
Your choice: colors of letters, beads, cord; materials: satin, cotton, synthetic, acrylic, metal, natural stone.

Each bracelet model is handcrafted to your specifications. It is presented in a transparent cellophane bag and mounted on a Svitlana Mykhed brand card, then it is wrapped in gift wrap, ready to be offered!

Fast and careful shipping in a bubble envelope.

When your order is ready, you will receive a product photo to verify order accuracy!

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