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I am happy and at the same time it is an honor to introduce myself. My name is Svitlana Mykhed. I am of Ukrainian origin and I have lived in France for 16 years. I embarked on the adventure of Creation 10 years ago now, finally officially, if not if I finally think about it since I was a little girl. My grandmother did cross stitch and crochet knitting, my mom was a professional seamstress. My two sisters and I have always lived in the World of Creation. During my first professional years in Ukraine, I had developed a business around pet products (nothing to do with Creation). Then, after a meeting and a big change in my life ... I found myself in France ... in Paris ... a little lost ... phew ... it was a bit hard .... But I had time to think ...)))

The first three years especially allowed me to learn the French language, to understand this culture very different from mine, to integrate myself and to pass my driving license. In terms of Creation, I nevertheless tried a lot of things ... (thank you to my family for their great patience).

I worked with real flowers, which I planted and cultivated, to then make compositions and bouquets ... it was a great pleasure to work with nature !!! I think I have a green thumb.
Then, I tried my hand at mosaics (I loved it !!!), then a little bit of painting (unfortunately not much talent in creating paintings); I continued painting later by decorating jewelry, pendants or decorative objects.
Then one day (one or two months before Christmas), while talking with my friend Nadine, we decided to participate in an exhibition organized as part of the Christmas markets. I didn't know exactly what I could do but finally the same day when I got home, an idea spontaneously came to me !!! Christmas is party time, there are trees, candles and garlands everywhere, and also Wreaths .... Christmas Wreaths !!!
No sooner said than done . I created my first Advent wreaths and was able to participate in the Christmas market exhibition! The public appreciated my work that day, I even had the favor of a photo with Santa Claus (local) in front of my stand in the daily newspaper as well as in the magazine of our municipality! I was extremely proud and happy !!
I then continued to create wreaths on other themes or for other holidays (Easter, Halloween, wedding, birthday, etc.).
And one day my great friend Nadine (Thank you my friend !!!) throws me: ... you know, I think you should try to make jewelry !!! I'm sure you could do pretty things, like all your crowns .... !!! And I tried ... BINGO !!!
She was right !! I now love to create costume jewelry! Just as I love to continue to create my decorative wreaths !!!
Finally, everything I have done before (painting, flower arrangement, mosaic, knitting, cross, macrame ....) is now used on all my creations!
Today I am a happy person to have the opportunity to develop my talents, to realize the creations that I love and to present them to my friends, to my clients! what happiness!
I want to thank my family and my friends for their support, their help, and for believing in me and my projects !!!
A big thank you for all the encouragement and your love !!! THANK YOU!!!

I am happy to welcome you from my online stores

I wish you a good visit, I am sure that you will be able to find your happiness.
In any case, I am already offering you the delivery costs and with each order a small welcome gift!
All my creations are made for you, and I am therefore at your disposal for any particular creation (size, materials, theme, ...)

Best regards.
Svitlana Mykhed

Créatrice de bijoux fantaisie artisanale et objet décoratif  Svitlana Mykhed
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