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Choosing a stylish bracelet is no easy task! A good bracelet is one that doesn't distract from itself, but it will turn into something that complements your appearance! Stylish bracelet in hand - attracts attention, complements the image, informs others about the status and taste of the owner.

Do you want to buy a natural stone bracelet that matches the latest fashion trends? Welcome to the world of style and elegance of designer Svitlana Mykhed. This elegant and refined collection includes natural stone bracelets: onyx, agate, volcanic stone, jade, crystal, tourmaline, hematite… with its interesting creative solutions. Each of this natural stone bracelet fits perfectly into any look. It can be worn both in the office and at a party. When choosing an accessory for a business meeting, choose laconic colors - gray, blue or black. Recently there is a clear trend: to collect, on the one hand, a few bracelets and watches, which are an important attribute of business style.

For an evening, choose bright colors, they will be centered on the wrist. Let's not forget the bracelet with a charming pendant - this is the choice of designers who do not hesitate to emphasize their individuality again!

Be fashionable, look fashionable, wear bracelets, stay true to yourself and your style.

Svitlana Mykhed and these costume jewelry bring you a remarkable and unique style!

Our Parisian workshop Svitlana Mykhed also works to measure. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your requests for personalized creations and specific advice.

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