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There are different ways to celebrate the birth of a baby but always very   touching is certainly to offer a piece of jewelry - bracelet personalized with the first name of  newborn and its date of birth! Give the child and his mother his very first piece of jewelry, it's a gift - souvenir   that he will keep all his life!

Discover our personalized bracelets created by Svitlana Mykhed and made with care and lots of love. All jewelry is customizable!

An essential gift for birthdays,   birth, baptism, wedding... 
Why should I order this bracelet?


  • keep for several years

  • sliding closure easy and convenient to use (suitable for all wrists: newborn, baby, child, adult)

  • not afraid of water (ideal for the shower, beach, swimming pool)

  • made from satin yarn, very soft and delicate (no irritation, no allergy, does not rub the skin)

  • high quality and very durable, cannot be torn

  • the bracelets are fashionable and presented in all the range of colors: bright and colorful, both for boys and for girls! light and super comfortable!

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