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Identification and security bracelets - IF I LOSE with a phone number for children or the elderly with fragile memory, or disabled person.

Are you concerned about the safety of your child or someone with fragile memory?
Are you still afraid that he will throw up his hand, run away and be lost? The personalized ID bracelet will then be very useful for you! Put the bracelet on your child's wrist with your phone number and you gain peace of mind.
If you lose your dear child, an adult who sees a crying baby can call you immediately!

Where can this bracelet be useful:

  • in shopping centers, on a stroll in the busy streets

  • in the games room, in a cinema, circus, museum, etc.

  • on the beach and water park

  • while traveling: at the airport, at the train station, etc.

Advantages of this bracelet:

  • keeps in perfect condition for several years

  • practical movable clasp (adapts to all wrists)

Waterproof, not afraid of water (ideal for the beach, shower, swimming pool)

Made of satin cord, very soft and delicate (no rubbing the skin, no irritation, no allergy)

high quality and very durable, cannot be torn

light, comfortable, pretty

The bracelets are presented in all the range of colors: bright and colorful, both for boys and girls! The child will therefore gladly wear such a bracelet!

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