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Tired of routine and worries, you want to forget all your problems and come back for a moment to the endless horizons of the beach and rest? Do you feel the slight salty taste of the sea breeze on your lips and a soft warm wind in your hair? Right away we fail to escape our daily activities and go on vacation on the sea, but you can feel the closeness to the sea anytime with our fancy marine style bracelets. In the summer, accessories in the marine style are relevant! Dilute the image of everyday life with a bracelet with an anchor, a steering wheel, a boat or a sea harpoon, showing others their states of passions which are a symbol of strength, stability and confidence!

All of our bracelets are handmade with a lot of love and are a pleasant combination of style, price and quality. Our bracelets will be a great gift for your friends and family. Give them the sound of surfing and memories of the sea, summer and vacation amid the sounds of the bustle of the city.

Each bracelet is made to your individual order. We tend to make every product with great care and attention! We will be happy to answer questions and information that interest you.

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